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Technical details


In addition to the substructure and the solar modules, the plug-and-play system also comes with the necessary ballast and cabling included. With this smart concept, installers can install around 200 kilowatts and more in one day. 


Magnelis® ZM310 by ArcelorMittal

The SmartSolarBox is made of steel - coated with Magnelis ® . Thanks to its unique composition, Magnelis ® offers an unprecedented level of surface and cut edge protection even in the most adverse environments.

ArcelorMagnelis Book (EN)


up to 50kg ballast per PV module

The prefabricated concrete ballast elements are built into the system during the production process. The SmartSolarBox is available in the versions "Light", "Heavy" and "Corner".
If more ballast is required, additional external ballast elements can be added during installation on the roof.

integrated ballast

Integrated wiring harness

Our wiring harnesses are manufactured by well-known manufacturers and installed into the system. 100% tested and flawless original Stäubli MC4 connections in the system ensure  long-term smooth functioning of the entire PV system.

Integrated wiring harness

Series production for the highest quality

Flow production by trained staff and the constant climate in the production rooms as well as quality assurance measures and product tests during the production process guarantee product quality at the highest level.



Waste avoidance

We deliver the SmartSolarBox on special reusable pallets, which are sent back to the manufacturer after the installation. This avoids any waste on the construction site.


Easy, Fast & Safe

Planning on the PC

The planning-tool for designing your SmartSolarBox system is well-known in the industry. Projects can be planned quick and easy. The software provides you with a detailed installation plan and the parts list for your solar system. The tool also offers various interfaces to other systems.


No more lifting and carrying heavy loads

As the SmartSolarBox is transported onto the roof using a crane, the installers do not have to carry any heavy loads on the roof and are also protected from gusts of wind. The lifting tool specially developed by Smartvolt has been tested by TÜV and is delivered to the construction site in a separate transport box with the systems.

SSB am Kranbalken

Plug & Play

As soon as the SmartSolarBoxes have been placed on the roof, they have to be connected to one another electrically and mechanically.
You only need a cordless screwdriver for this final work. At the end you have to connect the supply lines from the inverter of the strings - done...


Tested and proven

Since the first market launch in Switzerland in 2015, the system has been tested intensively in practice and constantly improved. All findings and optimization ideas were implemented into the latest and current product version SmartSolarBox V5.0. The necessary ballasting of the systems is calculated on the basis of a study by the Institute for Industrial Aerodynamics. The system was tested in the REECH test laboratory up to the mechanical load limits. The corresponding test reports are available in the download area.



Whether a family home or a large industrial roof: with our system, all system sizes up to the megawatt range can be implemented.

Should it ever become necessary for the solar system to be removed - for example due to roof renovation - that is no problem. The dismantling of the system takes only slightly longer than the installation and is therefore quick and easy to do.